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All About Mr. Schwartz


Mr. Schwartz the Person

There is a lot that I like to do when I am not teaching, grading, lesson planning, or taking my own classes! Some of my biggest interests are anime, weightlifting, and being outside. 

I have been watching anime since I was around 7 years old and have probably seen over 300 different animes, if not more. My top 3 favorite shows are Code Geass, Naruto (No Fillers), and Hunter x Hunter. You are totally welcome to ask me any and all questions about anime!

Exercising has been a huge part of my life since high school where I started working out to improve my self-esteem. A good friend got me into weights at a local YMCA and another friend made me join the Community Rowing team our school was affiliated with. I have since been rowing on and off for 8 years. Four years ago I changed from general weightlifting to powerlifting, where the goal is to lift as much as possible. My current goal is to lift over 1350 lbs in competition between squat, bench, and deadlift.

Lastly, I love hiking, running, kayaking, and doing anything outdoors. This past summer I helped lead kayaking camps at Holyoke Rows and hope to continue in years to come. I frequently climb Mt. Tom and other surrounding mountains and hills where I like to bring my hammock to take a nap or food for a picnic.

Mr. Schwartz the Teacher

Hi, my name is Kevin Schwartz, but I prefer to be called Mr. Schwartz. This is my second year teaching Science at Impact. I am beyond to meet all my students and explore various scientific concepts.


Before I became a teacher I worked in downtown Providence, RI as a City Year Corps member in a 4th-grade class. While there, I taught weekly science lessons, in addition to supporting math and ELA. I then joined Teach Western Mass, a teacher preparedness program the summer before I joined Impact.


I completed my undergraduate degree in Computer Science at Roger Williams University in Bristol, RI. where I earned minors in Math and Physics. For 3 years I tutored both Computer Science and Physics. Currently, I am working to earn my Masters in Special Education at American Internation College in Springfield.

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