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Meet Mr. Campbell 

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I am Mr. Campbell and I will be teaching 7th Grade Social Studies for the 2020-2021 school year at Impact Prep. This is my third year of teaching in Springfield and second year at Impact. I am a native of Springfield and attended elementary and high school in Springfield Public Schools and graduated from Renaissance. I completed my undergraduate degree at Westfield State University. When it comes to teaching, I use my passion for activism and community as a lens to develop my lessons. I enjoy teaching history because it provides the opportunity to teach our children the REAL facts about the past.  

Outside of teaching I am an avid traveler and fan of aviation. One of my fun facts is that I met Senator Bernie Sanders during a flight. I have traveled to many places including Europe, China, South America, and the Caribbean. I’m also constantly reading a book outside of work and always love to recommend a new read to a student or parent.


I am looking forward to exploring the world through our classroom and lessons. If you have any questions my door is always open. If you click on the contact tab on my page you can learn about the different ways to get in touch with me.


In Solidarity,


Mr. Campbell


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