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Using Technology

Links and programs for students and families.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is for online classes, assignments, important deadlines, and communication.

The logo for Microsoft Teams. Two geometric, purple icons of people hover behind a purple box with the letter T.

Microsoft Teams is always getting new updates.  For this reason, it can be buggy. If you have any problems, please let me know or contact our IT Department.

What are closed captions? 

Closed-captions are automatically displayed on the screen for a program that uses an interpreter or transcription program. You have probably seen the symbol to the right on TV or movies.

The universal symbol for closed-captioning. It is starkly bolded in black, and contains two uppercase, consecutive letter C's.

I use closed captions during lectures and recorded lessons.  If any of our programs are missing closed-captions or I failed to incorporate both visual and auditory directions in our lessons, let me know. I will correct this as soon as possible.

What is alt-text (alternative text)?

Alt-text is an embedded text that conveys information about images and videos. Here is an example to the right of this text:

This image shows you an example of alt-text. In the image, there is a cartoon, red apple. A computer cursor hovers over the apple. When the cursor hovers over the apple, it displays text that reads, "red apple."
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