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Have You Heard About Mrs. Sullivan?

Mrs. Sullivan was born and raised in Springfield, MA and she attended Springfield Public Schools. She loves reading novels, scripts and writing. Growing up, her weekends were spent at the Springfield Main Library downtown. Now, you can find some of her books at libraries throughout Springfield and writings in several magazines in the United States and abroad. Mrs. Sullivan enjoys traveling and has  lived in Egypt, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and Morocco. Her travels throughout the Gulf and North Africa has helped her to learn to speak Arabic - but she is also married to an Arabic teacher. Yep, two teachers in the house makes their three children quite lucky (they just don't know it yet)! Mrs. Sullivan has two catbabies (Qadeera and Diyari) that enjoy being brushed and fed while she drinks Tumeric tea and writes. Her favorite food is fatayer bil jibna - a soft baked thin Arabic bread with cheese. It's kinda like American pizza, but the bread is soft and the cheese is sweet. Mrs. Sullivan prefers Chai over coffee, Doritos over popcorn, basketball over football, historical fiction over Sci-Fi, Wu-Tang over the Migos, Rhasody over Cardi B (not debatable), hummus over avocado everything, journals over notepads, sleep over staying up late, and Ava Duvernay over everyone!!

Mrs. Sullivan has a B.A. with honors from BayPath University and an M.A. with honors from Regis University. She is a Pushcart Prize Nominee, the 2018 Highlights Foundation Diversity Fellow,  author and editor of six published books.

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