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Welcome back to school, friends! 

Dear students and parents,

A new school year is always exciting to embark on. There are new teachers to meet, new subjects to learn about, and even Friday pizza days to savor. This year, for some time, we will be learning remotely. This is the new normal all of us. You may have some concerns, fears, and you may not even feel ready for this type of learning. As your teacher, I understand all of those feelings, too! But today, in spite of all of those feelings and concerns, I ask you to make a commitment to do your best each day. Try something new each day. Invest in your learning each day. Be patient with yourself and your school experience each day. Be supportive of your classmates and teachers each day. Believe in you each and every single day. This is still your time to learn! Nothing and no one can stop you from learning, if you want to learn. Sisters/Brothers in the background playing - it's okay, my children are home, too! You need a snack, go for it! You need to stretch/flex/jog in place - not a problem! I need you to commit to learning and getting work done, not pretending you're not at home. The great Abolitionist, Frederick Douglass said, "If there is no struggle, there is no progress" and the great rapper,  Kendrick Lamar said, "We gon' be alright"! 

Welcome again to the 7th grade reading crew.  I look forward to working with you all. 

~Mrs. Sullivan

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